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It is astonishing how special a photograph can be. It is a way to capture time in a bottle. It is a moment frozen in a single photograph, and it is all for you. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why taking a photograph is almost an impulsive desire to some people. And, if you want to ensure that your event is a success, you should definitely consider renting a photo booth.

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Our service will help spice up your event in a few ways. For one, taking a photograph in a PicBox is going to help immortalize the event for those who attended. Plus, you have to remember that they usually have a romantic and a friendly connotation. When someone sees it, they immediately think about taking a photograph with a special someone. This should make people feel a little happier during your event.

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It is also important to remember that they naturally help people interact a little more. The good people in Chicago know how to have a little fun, but they might need a little encouragement. And they should help encourage people to interact because it prints the photos quickly, which should make it easy for people to share their snapshots. Some of your guest may even find it fun to see who can take the silliest pictures. In fact, this is something that you can help start by simply creating a contest of silly pictures, romantic pictures, or any other category that you want to introduce using the PicBox. This is a simple and easy way to integrate the PicBox into other happenings during the event.

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Your event should be full of life by simply using a photo booth. Keep in mind that a PicBox is a form of entertainment that is relatively low-cost. You do not have to worry about it canceling on you or the machine taking a break. So, all in all, it should be one of your most inexpensive choices when it comes to entertainment during the event.

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Types of Photo Booths

PicBox Pictures

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Are you looking forward to holding a party in Chicago, Illinois? Well we here to ensure your party is spiced up and get the best photo services ever. Renting our PicBox services will ensure that you bring total fun to all your events be it a homecoming dance, wedding, company picnic or regular party among others. We guarantee that the PicBox services we offer will make your event more exciting even above your expectations. Our excellent staff is highly trained so that the types of PicBox’s we deliver are of high quality and matching your needs.We go ahead to set up the place for your event and ensure that everything is in good place and ready to use.

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Cost of Renting A Photo Booth

We arrive at the events location in good time, set up everything needed, test and when the party ends we also pack up all them so that we do not inconvenience our clients. This ensures that our clients have an easy time because we save all the hassles that may come along with this process.

Our photo booth is designed in a way that it has multiple features that gives multiple choices for taking quality photos making sure you have memorable moments and good experience ever. Additionally our photo booth rentals are well and fully featured thus setting them up and using them is an easy process. This ensures that everything goes smoothly as per your expectation leaving you impressed.


Despite the location of your party in Chicago, we are here to ensure that we reach you and make it a success and get excellent experience. We are dedicated to offer our services at any time as well as answer all questions that you may have doubts on regarding the photography. If you are searching for a better way to spice up your event we are here to ensure that everything turns out as expected. Try our services today!